<strong>乌鸦 / Crow (2016)</strong>

乌鸦 / Crow (2016)

A wealthy Developer tries to remove settlers from his newly acquired land, which leads to dire consequences... 查看详情 »

<strong>没有我们就单飞 / 我们不孤独 / No estamos solos (2016)</strong>

没有我们就单飞 / 我们不孤独 / No estamos solos (2016)

A family moves to a new house and unleashes terrifying paranormal events that become increasingly violent and disturbing, until a priest comes to their aid, with unforeseen consequences... 查看详情 »

<strong>兔头男复仇记 / Bunnyman 3 / Bunnyman Vengeance (2017)</strong>

兔头男复仇记 / Bunnyman 3 / Bunnyman Vengeance (2017)

The deadly adventures of Bunnyman continue in the third and final film in the Bunnyman franchise. Bunnyman returns home to find his family running a haunted house attraction. They welcome him home, bu... 查看详情 »

<strong>冥界 / Nightworld (2017)</strong>

冥界 / Nightworld (2017)

When former LAPD officer Brett Anderson takes a job as head of security at an old apartment building in Bulgaria's capital, Sofia, he soon begins to experience a series of bizarre and terrifying even... 查看详情 »

<strong>好保姆 / The Good Nanny (2017)</strong>

好保姆 / The Good Nanny (2017)

Summer Pratt is recently engaged to Clint, and she couldn't be happier. A surprise engagement party introduces her to the Walsh couple--Clint's boss, Travis, is wealthy and handsome. Bubbly Mrs. Wal... 查看详情 »

<strong>邻居 / Next Door (2017)</strong>

邻居 / Next Door (2017)

A woman begins to suspect that her therapist neighbor's offer to free treatment is not the altruistic gesture it was meant to be.... 查看详情 »

<strong>精神病 / Psychos (2017)</strong>

精神病 / Psychos (2017)

Three young women seek revenge against a sadistic predator... 查看详情 »

<strong>误入魔爪 / Talon Falls (2017)</strong>

误入魔爪 / Talon Falls (2017)

Four teenagers on a road trip decide to take a detour and find themselves at a haunted house Halloween scream park deep in the woods of southern Kentucky.After witnessing an assortment of torture and ... 查看详情 »

<strong>潘多拉异兽 / 潘朵拉异兽(台) / Gremlin (2017)</strong>

潘多拉异兽 / 潘朵拉异兽(台) / Gremlin (2017)

A man receives a mysterious box containing a terrible secret, a creature that will kill everyone else in his family unless he passes it on to someone he loves to continue its never-ending circulation... 查看详情 »

<strong>厄运 / Blood Money / Misfortune (2017)</strong>

厄运 / Blood Money / Misfortune (2017)

该片由拉齐·马凯执导,贾里德·巴特勒、拉尔斯·诺伯格编剧,约翰·库萨克、埃拉·科尔特兰([少年时代])领衔主演。讲述一个狡诈的商人(约翰·库萨克饰)意外误丢脏款,被三个年轻人捡到。... 查看详情 »

<strong>复仇天使 / M.F.A. (2017)</strong>

复仇天使 / M.F.A. (2017)

故事讲述艺术系女生诺丽遭到同学性侵后,决定正面PK性侵者、展开还击计划。影片今秋北美上映... 查看详情 »

<strong>食尸鬼 / The Ghoul (2016)</strong>

食尸鬼 / The Ghoul (2016)

A homicide detective goes undercover as a patient to investigate a psychotherapist he believes is linked to a strange double murder. As his therapy sessions continue the line between fantasy and reali... 查看详情 »

<strong>风骚小保姆 / 辣手保姆(台) / The Babysitter (2017)</strong>

风骚小保姆 / 辣手保姆(台) / The Babysitter (2017)

故事讲述男孩(刘易斯饰)对新来的性感保姆(维文)产生爱慕之情。可某日保姆将朋友带到家里来后,却触发了一系列残忍的虐杀活动... 查看详情 »

<strong>梦游者 / Sleepwalker (2017)</strong>

梦游者 / Sleepwalker (2017)

Troubled by bouts of sleepwalking and disturbing nightmares| graduate student Sarah Foster goes to her university sleep research center for help. But when she wakes... 查看详情 »

<strong>湖畔别墅 / House by the Lake / House By The Lake (2017)</strong>

湖畔别墅 / House by the Lake / House By The Lake (2017)

Story follows the Morgans, a loving yet troubled family hoping to reconnect while on vacation. When their autistic 10-year-old daughter (Miller) begins to fixate on a mysterious friend who may or may ... 查看详情 »

<strong>血红圣诞 / Red Christmas (2016)</strong>

血红圣诞 / Red Christmas (2016)

A mother must protect her family on Christmas Day from a demented stranger who is hell-bent on tearing them apart... 查看详情 »

<strong>颤栗汪洋3 / Under The Deep / Open Water 3: Cage Dive (2017)</strong>

颤栗汪洋3 / Under The Deep / Open Water 3: Cage Dive (2017)

Three friends, filming an audition tape for an extreme reality game show, take part in shark cage diving. Which soon turns into a catastrophic turn of events, leaving them in great white infested wate... 查看详情 »

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