<strong>新鬼屋故事 The Unfolding (2016)</strong>

新鬼屋故事 The Unfolding (2016)

An exciting and relevant new take on the Haunted House story. The Fall of 2016. A fearful world stands on the brink of nuclear catastrophe. A young researcher in psychical events, together with his gi... 查看详情 »

<strong>午夜凶铃3(美版) / Rings / 美版午夜凶铃3 / 回魂凶铃(港) / 七夜怪谭(台) / 新午夜凶铃(美版) / The Ring / The Ring 3 / The Ring 3D (2</strong>

午夜凶铃3(美版) / Rings / 美版午夜凶铃3 / 回魂凶铃(港) / 七夜怪谭(台) / 新午夜凶铃(美版) / The Ring / The Ring 3 / The Ring 3D (2

新版《午夜凶铃》故事设定在《美版午夜凶铃2》结尾的13年后,玛蒂尔达·鲁茨(Matilda Lutz)和阿历克斯·罗(Alex Roe)将在片中饰演一对情侣,后者因为看了录像带而开始疏远女友。 ... 查看详情 »

<strong>时间上的家 / 시간 위의 집 / House Above Time (2017) [韩国最新恐怖片]</strong>

时间上的家 / 시간 위의 집 / House Above Time (2017) [韩国最新恐怖片]

  玉泽演将饰演唯一相信美熙的崔神父,将追查在那个家中所发生的奇异事件,解开秘密的真相... 查看详情 »

<strong>外星人入侵:狩猎必须成为猎人 / Alien Implant The.Hunted Must Become the Hunter (2017)</strong>

外星人入侵:狩猎必须成为猎人 / Alien Implant The.Hunted Must Become the Hunter (2017)

A brilliant female recluse sends a distress signal into outer space from a remote location. When the Aliens arrive| they realize it's not a distress signal| it's an... 查看详情 »

<strong>挖两座坟 / 先挖两座坟墓 / Dig Two Graves (2017)</strong>

挖两座坟 / 先挖两座坟墓 / Dig Two Graves (2017)

A girl's obsession with her brother's disappearance leads her on a nightmarish journey through a small town's Gothic landscape where she is faced with a deadly proposition. How far will she go to s... 查看详情 »

<strong>黑暗录像带 The Dark Tapes (2017)</strong>

黑暗录像带 The Dark Tapes (2017)

A genre-defying mixture of horror, sci-fi, myth, mystery and thrills told as four interlocking tales in one intelligent anthology. Ghosts, spirits, creatures, demons and more from the paranormal world... 查看详情 »

<strong>大脚野人谷 / Valley of the Sasquatch / Hunting Grounds (2016)</strong>

大脚野人谷 / Valley of the Sasquatch / Hunting Grounds (2016)

After losing their home following a devastating loss, a father and son are forced to move to an old family cabin. Neither reacts well to being thrown into this new world. The son's attempts to relate... 查看详情 »

<strong>Slasher.com (2017) [最新恐怖片]</strong>

Slasher.com (2017) [最新恐怖片]

After meeting online, Jack and Kristy go on a weekend getaway to the woodlands of rural Missouri. While discovering each other, they soon learn of the terrorizing horrors that the forest has in store... 查看详情 »

<strong>尸检无名女尸 / The Autopsy of Jane Doe / 验尸官(台) (2016)</strong>

尸检无名女尸 / The Autopsy of Jane Doe / 验尸官(台) (2016)

Cox and Hirsch play father and son coroners who receive a mysterious homicide victim with no apparent cause of death. As they attempt to identify the beautiful young "Jane Doe," they discover increa... 查看详情 »

<strong>庇护黑暗 Asylum of Darkness (2016)</strong>

庇护黑暗 Asylum of Darkness (2016)

After awakening in a mental asylum| a patient plans an escape to freedom| but finds an even more disturbing| supernatural world on the outside| one that threatens to... 查看详情 »

<strong>虚空 / The Void / 空虚 (2016)</strong>

虚空 / The Void / 空虚 (2016)

In the middle of a routine patrol, officer Daniel Carter happens upon a blood-soaked figure limping down a deserted stretch of road. He rushes the young man to a nearby rural hospital staffed by a ske... 查看详情 »

<strong>分裂 / Split / 思·裂(港) / 精分 (2016) [蓝光高清版]</strong>

分裂 / Split / 思·裂(港) / 精分 (2016) [蓝光高清版]

凯文(詹姆斯·麦卡沃伊 James McAvoy 饰)虽然已被他的心理医师证实呈现 23 种人格,但其中担任主导及支配的主要人格却尚未浮现。而在被强迫的状态下,凯文绑架了三名少女,他也因此与所有人格展开天人交战,甚至他的世界也开始... 查看详情 »

<strong>孤身于此 Here Alone (2016)</strong>

孤身于此 Here Alone (2016)

A young woman struggles to survive on her own in the wake of a mysterious epidemic that has decimated society and forced her deep into the unforgiving wilderness... 查看详情 »

<strong>部落 The Horde (2016) [蓝光高清版]</strong>

部落 The Horde (2016) [蓝光高清版]

最新恐怖片,看后自己理解暂无简介。。。。... 查看详情 »

<strong>挖掘者 / Diggeri / Диггеры (2016) [最新恐怖片]</strong>

挖掘者 / Diggeri / Диггеры (2016) [最新恐怖片]

夜间的地铁,几分钟前关闭。最后一班火车全速飞过увозя路过的终点站在黑暗的隧道,什么都不知道的乘客。失踪人员的正式权力的信息的.......... 查看详情 »

<strong>哈文赫特 Havenhurst (2017)</strong>

哈文赫特 Havenhurst (2017)

A troubled young woman takes up residence in a gothic apartment building where she must confront a terrifying evil.... 查看详情 »

<strong>危机在这里 Evil in Her (2017)</strong>

危机在这里 Evil in Her (2017)

When a series of young women are brutally killed, one of the spirit of those women seek to exact revenge on the killers as it work through the body of Sara, an unsuspecting ... 查看详情 »

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