<strong>黑疯婆子的万圣节2 / 梅迪亚万圣节2(台) / Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (2017)</strong>

黑疯婆子的万圣节2 / 梅迪亚万圣节2(台) / Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (2017)

该片是2016年上映的[黑疯婆子的万圣节]的续集,莱克西·潘特拉、派翠丝·拉弗莉、布洛克·奥赫恩等加盟出演。影片围绕梅迪亚(泰勒·派瑞饰)、巴姆和哈蒂荒野逃生的故事展开... 查看详情 »

<strong>电锯惊魂8:竖锯 / 夺魂锯:游戏重启(台) / 电锯惊魂8 / 恐惧斗室之狂魔再现(港) / 电锯惊魂:遗产 / Jigsaw / Saw: Legacy / Saw VIII (2017)</strong>

电锯惊魂8:竖锯 / 夺魂锯:游戏重启(台) / 电锯惊魂8 / 恐惧斗室之狂魔再现(港) / 电锯惊魂:遗产 / Jigsaw / Saw: Legacy / Saw VIII (2017)

各地再次出现各种杀人案,追查结果都指向了已经在系列第三部中去世的竖锯老怪约翰·克莱默,究竟是本尊回归,还是有党徒在模仿他的手法作案?警方一筹莫展。。。。... 查看详情 »

<strong>美国撒旦 / American Satan / The Best Movie Ever (2016) [惊悚片]</strong>

美国撒旦 / American Satan / The Best Movie Ever (2016) [惊悚片]

A young rock band, half from England and half from the US, drop out of college and move to the Sunset Strip to chase their dreams. Living in a van, their passion and talent exceed their means to survi... 查看详情 »

<strong>恶魔之酸 / Devil's Acid (2017)</strong>

恶魔之酸 / Devil's Acid (2017)

A drunk father is telling his son a bedtime story about a group of people spending the night at a haunted prison, where they all take "Devil's Acid". They then start having problems differentiating... 查看详情 »

<strong>内心的恶魔 / A Demon Within / Nefas (2018)</strong>

内心的恶魔 / A Demon Within / Nefas (2018)

A skeptical, small town doctor is forced to confront his personal demons in order to save the life of a teenage girl who has become possessed in his family's old house.... 查看详情 »

<strong>童使 / 操控孩童 / 死小孩(台) / Little Nightmares / こどもつかい (2017)</strong>

童使 / 操控孩童 / 死小孩(台) / Little Nightmares / こどもつかい (2017)

本作导演为清水崇,共演演员为有冈大贵和门脇麦。takki饰演能操纵孩子灵魂并对施虐大人下死亡诅咒的神秘男子。大贵饰演追寻真相的记者,门脇麦则饰演他的女朋友。该片定于6月17号日本上映... 查看详情 »

<strong>新僵尸先生 / 新僵屍先生 / Meet Mr. Vampire (2018)</strong>

新僵尸先生 / 新僵屍先生 / Meet Mr. Vampire (2018)

《新僵尸先生之降头术》延续了《僵尸先生》的故事情节,主要讲述了茅山正宗传人九哥和两个不成器的徒弟共同保卫着青龙镇,直到同门师妹黄蓉和她徒弟到来悄然改变。停尸间尸变,赶尸道长遇害各类毒物突袭等一系列怪事接踵而... 查看详情 »

<strong>丧尸出笼:血脉 / Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2017)</strong>

丧尸出笼:血脉 / Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2017)

A small group of military personnel and survivalists dwell in an underground bunker as they seek to find a cure in a world overrun by zombies.... 查看详情 »

<strong>狼人 / Lycan (2017)</strong>

狼人 / Lycan (2017)

When six college kids in a sleepy Southern town are assigned a group project to rediscover a moment in history, one of them sets in motion a horrific fate when he proposes they head into the Georgia b... 查看详情 »

<strong>恶魔之门 / 恶魔的耳语 / Devil's Whisper (2017)</strong>

恶魔之门 / 恶魔的耳语 / Devil's Whisper (2017)

15 year-old Alejandro Duran, who comes from a religious Latino family, aspires to one day be a Catholic priest. But when Alex discovers a mysterious box he unwittingly unleashes a demonic spirit bent ... 查看详情 »

<strong>逃出食人农场 / Escape from Cannibal Farm (2017)</strong>

逃出食人农场 / Escape from Cannibal Farm (2017)

In the British countryside, the Harver family head out on an idyllic summer camping trip where they can bury past tensions and enjoy some family bonding. But when their camp is sabotaged by an unseen ... 查看详情 »

<strong>东京食尸鬼 真人版 / 东京喰种 真人版 / 東京喰種トーキョーグール / Tokyo Ghoul (2017)</strong>

东京食尸鬼 真人版 / 东京喰种 真人版 / 東京喰種トーキョーグール / Tokyo Ghoul (2017)

 在东京街头,一切成谜的吃人怪人“喰种”正悄悄在人类世界扩张势力。平凡大学生金木研(洼田正孝 饰)倾慕咖啡店女孩神代利世(苍井优 饰),约会后遭到喰种猎食而性命垂危,手术时被移植喰种的器官,变成半人半喰种,对美味食物难以... 查看详情 »

<strong>血腥戏剧 / Bloody Drama (2017)</strong>

血腥戏剧 / Bloody Drama (2017)

Bloody drama follows the story of a pool party involving five former college sororiety sisters attempting one last weekend blowout. While trying hard to grab onto their fun youth filled past they are ... 查看详情 »

<strong>圣诞杀手 / Killer Christmas (2017)</strong>

圣诞杀手 / Killer Christmas (2017)

一个缓慢的燃烧悬念圣诞恐怖,六个朋友在圣诞树附近探索一个被遗弃的酒店,只是发现自己被一个圣诞老人面具的人一个一个地杀害... 查看详情 »

<strong>邪恶的人 / The Wicked One (2017)</strong>

邪恶的人 / The Wicked One (2017)

A group of traveling friends who are hoping for a fun filled weekend getaway, find themselves in the cross hairs of one of the most dangerous and prolific serial killers in history... 查看详情 »

<strong>毒鲨 / Toxic Shark (2017)</strong>

毒鲨 / Toxic Shark (2017)

A tropical singles retreat takes a terrifying turn when guests realize a poisonous shark is infesting the surrounding water. Not only will it rip apart its victims, but it also uses projectile acid to... 查看详情 »

<strong>阁楼 / 精神错乱 / The Attic / Unhinged (2017)</strong>

阁楼 / 精神错乱 / The Attic / Unhinged (2017)

Four American best friends decide to take the back roads travelling to a wedding in England, on their way a deadly secret forces the girls to be stranded in the woods, where they discover a house occu... 查看详情 »

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